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PVA, Cal-Diego Chapter recognizes the need for people with disabilities to be actively involved in federal, state, and local legislation that impacts our vital interests.  PVA, Cal-Diego Chapter is proactive at all levels of government to protect the rights and benefits of our members as well as those of all citizens with disabilities.  For example, our chapter members have been involved with the local transit, building, and planning departments of San Diego to ensure that our city and county are accessible to all disabled persons.​


Join the fight for accessibility for all when you join us in VoterVoice.

You can take part in petitions, receive important alerts on our
advocacy work, read blogs, and more! Visit the following link
to participate.


“Let Your Voice Be Heard – Your Actions Today
Determine Your Quality-of-Care Tomorrow”



For the latest in VA News please click here.


To find out what the United States Congress and federal agencies are doing to help veterans or to get information on legislation pending before Congress, select one of the following links:


- Department of Veterans Affairs
- Department of Labor-Veterans Employment and Training Service
- House Committee on Veterans Affairs 
- Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs
- The Americans with Disabilities Act |

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Paralyzed Veterans of America, Cal-Diego Chapter's mission is to improve the quality of life for veterans of the United States Armed Forces and others who have a spinal cord injury or dysfunction. 

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Paralyzed Veterans of America

  Cal-Diego Chapter

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