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Why Does Cal-Diego Sponsor Shooting Events?


To show the “able” side of disabled to individuals with a spinal cord injury. Many of our members have been quite active throughout their lives and believe that with their injury their lives are no longer of value. When they see photographs and videos of our rifle, pistol, trap, air rifle and air pistol shoots, with wheelchair shooters competing alongside able-bodied shooters, many have found the reason to believe that they can have a rewarding future in our society.

To show the “able” side of disabled to the business community. Many people have the thought that a person in a wheelchair is a diminished individual. After spending a day on the range competing with and talking to our members, they come away with a much more positive attitude about an individual in a wheelchair.

To raise funds for Cal-Diego’s many activities in support of paralyzed veterans.

We sincerely appreciate you participating and donating to PVA, Cal-Diego’s shooting events. Your help will go far to benefit those who have given a great deal for our country.

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